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ASTM D4952 - Qualitative Analysis for Active Sulfur Species in Fuels and Solvents (Doctor Test)


We perform the doctor test by ASTM D4952 to determine the levels of sulfur in motor fuel and other petroleum products. Sulfur present as mercaptans or as hydrogen sulfide in distillate fuels and solvents can attack many metallic and non-metallic materials in fuel and other distribution systems. A negative result in the doctor test ensures that the concentration of these compounds is insufficient to cause such problems in normal use.

This test method covers and is intended primarily for the detection of mercaptans in motor fuel, kerosine, and similar petroleum products. This method may also provide information on hydrogen sulfide and elemental sulfur that may be present in these sample types.

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Sample quantity required: 100 ml

For additional information on this test method or to purchase a copy of the method, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website. Learn more about our laboratory's certifications and quality program here.