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ASTM D4530 - Determination of Carbon Residue (Micro Method) (MCRT)


We perform MCRT testing by ASTM D4530 to approximate a petroleum product’s tendency to form carbon deposits under certain conditions. The carbon residue value of petroleum products serves as an approximation of the product's tendency to form carbon deposits under certain degradation conditions. However, because the results are dependent on the specific test conditions, they should be considered only an approximation of possible engine fuel deposits.

MCRT by ASTM D4530 determines the amount of carbon residue formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum materials under certain conditions and is intended to provide some indication of the relative coke forming tendency of such materials.

We also perform carbon residue testing by ASTM D189ASTM D524IP 14, and ISO 4262. These different test methods use different instruments or procedures or are used for certain sample types. Click on the test method number to learn more about each test.

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Sample quantity required: 50 ml

For additional information on this test method or to purchase a copy of the method, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website.