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EN 15751 - Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Fuels - Oxidation Stability

We perform quality testing by EN 15751 to measure the oxidation of biodiesel (B100) and biodiesel blends (B2, B5, and B20) using an accelerated test method. Oxidation products in biodiesel can take the form of various acids or polymers, which can cause fuel system deposits and lead to filter clogging and fuel system malfunctions. Additives designed to retard the formation of acids and polymers can significantly improve the oxidation stability performance of biodiesel.

We also perform oxidation stability testing by ASTM D2112ASTM D2272ASTM D2274ASTM D2440ASTM D525ASTM D7462ASTM D873ASTM D942ASTM D943DIN 51587IP 142IP 388IP 40ISO 12205ISO 4623, and ISO 7536. These different test methods use different instruments or procedures or are used for certain sample types. Click on the test method number to learn more about each test.

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Sample quantity required: 200 ml