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ASTM B117 - Salt Spray Corrosion Testing


We perform salt spray corrosion testing on lubricants by ASTM B117 to measure the corrosion prevention properties of lubricants on metal in humid conditions. This test is often used in quality control to measure the effectiveness of lubricants in preventing rust. A metal test coupon is coated with the sample (typically a lubricant or protective coating) and placed in a humidity or salt spray cabinet. The cabinet is filled with a salt water fog or spray at an elevated temperature for some time (test length can be adjusted). The metal coupon is examined for evidence of corrosion (rust) at the end of the test and compared to expected corrosion. 

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Sample quantity required: 100 ml (Note: More sample may be required if this test is modified to meet a specification or other non-standard requirements.)

Visit the ASTM International website to learn more or purchase a copy of this standard. Learn more about our laboratory's certifications and quality program here.