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MIL-H-22072 §4.6.3 - High Temperature Stability

We perform hydraulic fluid testing by Military Specification MIL-H-22072 to evaluate the thermal stability of hydraulic fluid at high temperatures. The sample of hydraulic fluid, in a stoppered borosilicate glass bottle, is placed in an oven and maintained at 70°C (158°F) for seven days (168 hours). The sample is then examined for changes in its physical appearance. After this first examination, the sample is allowed to cool at room temperature for 24 hours before being examined for changes again.

We also perform thermal stability testing by ASTM D2070ASTM D6468ASTM E487ASTM E537FTM 3411FTM 3458FTM 3459IP 467MIL-PRF-3150 §4.5.4MIL-PRF-32033 § § §, and MIL-PRF-87252 §4.5.5. These different test methods use different instruments or procedures or are used for certain sample types. Click on the test method number to learn more about each test.

Sample quantity required: 500 ml

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