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Hach 10065 - Dissolved Oxygen in Water

We perform testing by Hach 10065 to measure the dissolved oxygen content in water. Adequate dissolved oxygen is necessary to support fish and other aquatic organisms. Running water, because of its churning, dissolves more oxygen than still or standing water. Respiration by aquatic animals, decomposition, and various chemical reactions consume oxygen. Wastewater from sewage treatment plants often contains organic materials that are decomposed by microorganisms, which use oxygen in the process. Other sources of oxygen-consuming waste include stormwater runoff from farmland or urban streets, feedlots, and failing septic systems. If more oxygen is consumed than is produced, dissolved oxygen levels decline and some sensitive animals may move away, weaken, or die. Dissolved oxygen can also be associated with water corrosivity, photosynthetic activity (produced by water plants such as seaweed), and septicity (including decomposing organic matter such as sewage). 

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Sample quantity required: 475 ml