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MIL-PRF-63460 §4.5.1 - Firing Residue Removal Test

We perform lubricants quality testing by Military Specification MIL-PRF-63460 to evaluate how effective a weapons lubricant is for removing firing residue. Some WC 844 propellant powder is measured into a porcelain evaporating dish and spread around with a small brush. The propellant is ignited and burned until all the visible propellant is consumed, and the dish is cooled for twenty minutes. The evaporating dish is then weighed and filled with a sample of the CLP oil (cleaner, lubricant, preservative). The dish and CLP oil is placed in an oven for forty-five minutes at 54°C (130°F). The evaporating dish is then cleaned and weighed again; the difference in weights represents the CLP oil’s effectiveness in removing firing residue.

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