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APL 001 - Gasoline analysis by infrared spectroscopy (Octane, ethanol, benzene, composition)


We perform gasoline testing using a Petrospec instrument to measure the approximate octane rating, ethanol and benzene content, and gasoline composition. The Petrospec identifies the chemical make up of the sample by passing a beam of infrared light through the sample at different frequencies and then measuring the energy absorption at each frequency. This produces accurate results to identify the octane rating, ethanol and benzene content, and composition of a gasoline sample, which is a great way to quickly check fuel quality. However, the data is not precise, and the EPA does not accept Petrospec data for formal fuel quality compliance programs. Infrared spectroscopy (by Petrospec) is a quick way to find the octane rating of gasoline for people who want to check their fuel quality.

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Sample quantity required: 50 ml