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ASTM D5191 - Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Mini Method)


We perform fuel testing by ASTM D5191 to determine the total vapor pressure exerted in vacuum by certain fuels using automated vapor pressure instruments. Vapor pressure is a very important physical property of volatile liquids. The vapor pressure of gasoline and gasoline-oxygenate blends is regulated by various government agencies. Specifications for volatile petroleum products generally include vapor pressure limits to ensure products of suitable volatility performance. Vapor Pressure by ASTM D5191 applies to air-containing, volatile, liquid petroleum products, including automotive spark-ignition fuels with or without oxygenates.

We also perform vapor pressure testing by ASTM D2879ASTM D323ASTM D6377, and ASTM E1782. These different test methods use different instruments or procedures or are used for certain sample types. Click on the test method number to learn more about each test.

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Sample quantity required: 1 liter (1000 ml)

For additional information on this test method or to purchase a copy of the method, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website. Learn more about our laboratory's certifications and quality program here.