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MIL-PRF-5606H - Aircraft, Missile, and Ordnance Petroleum Base Hydraulic Fluid


We perform lubricants testing by military specification MIL-PRF-5606, which covers hydraulic fluid used in automatic pilots, brakes, and other systems. This military specification describes the characteristics and provides the requirements for a petroleum base hydraulic fluid for use in the -54C to +135C temperature range. The hydraulic fluid covered by this specification is intended for use in automatic pilots, shock absorbers, brakes, flap-control mechanisms, missile hydraulic servo-controlled systems, and other hydraulic systems which use synthetic sealing material. This fluid is identified by military symbol OHA and NATO Code No. H-515.

To read or download this specification, click HERE. This specification supersedes MIL-H-5606 - Hydraulic Fluid Specification.

The following is a list of the tests that we perform according to Specification MIL-PRF-5606H. To learn more about one of the tests, click on the test method number.