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MIL-PRF-46002D - Contact and Volatile Corrosion-Inhibited Preservative Oil


We perform lubricants testing by military specification MIL-PRF-46002, which covers two grades of water-displacing corrosion-inhibited preservative oil. This military specification covers two grades of contact and volatile water-displacing corrosion-inhibited preservative oil. These oils are intended for use in the preservation of enclosed systems where the volatile components will provide protection above the oil level. It can also be effectively used as a contact preservative. This material is not to be used in the preservation of any engine or vehicle fuel system (including fuel tanks) or other fuel storage tanks. It should not be used in applications where elastomeric components are present. 

To read or download this specification, click HERE. This specification supersedes military specification MIL-P-46002.

The following is a list of test methods we perform according to Specification MIL-PRF-46002D. To learn more about one of these tests, click on the test method number.