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ASTM D6546 - Test Methods & Suggested Limits for Determining Compatibility of Elastomer Seals for Industrial Hydraulic Fluid Applications


We perform quality and conformance testing by specification ASTM D6546, which determines elastomer seal compatibility with hydraulic fluid. These test methods cover the procedure for measuring physical properties of elastomer seals in the form of O-rings after exposure to industrial hydraulic fluids and thermal aging. These measurements are then compared to the physical properties of elastomer seals that have not been exposed to the industrial hydraulic fluids and thermal aging. The differences in measurements form a basis for assessing compatibility.

For additional information on this specification or to purchase a copy, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website.

The following is a list of tests required by Specification ASTM D6546. Some of these tests are customized for this exact specification. Alcor Petrolab and Phoenix Chemical Laboratory specialize in unusual and custom testing, and our testing capabilities are continuing to expand; contact one of our laboratories today to discuss the exact testing you need. To see more information about one of these tests, click on the test method number.