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Biodiesel Testing & Certification

We perform biodiesel quality testing on a wide range of biodiesel blends. We also perform testing to determine the biodiesel content in regular diesel fuel. We can conduct a full set of tests on biodiesel according to the ASTM D6751 specification.

Biodiesel is becoming an increasingly important fuel. Biodiesel is made from a variety of materials, including soybean oil, recycled cooking oil, and animal fats. It is blended with diesel to make automotive fuel. Biodiesel blends are labeled BX or BXX, X being the percentage of biodiesel in the mixture. Many major diesel fuel retailers are now selling B2 to B5 biodiesel blends.

The following is a list of the biodiesel-related tests that we perform. For additional information about the test method, click on the method number.

We also perform biodiesel testing according to the following specifications. To learn more, click on the specification name below.