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Turbine Oil Testing

We are one of the leading independent testing laboratories in the world that specializes in testing high-performance turbine lubricants and turbine oils. We specialize in supporting R&D programs and manufacturer quality control for base oil producers, additive manufacturers, and lubricant manufacturers. We also work with turbine engine and component manufacturers to understand the interaction between lubricants and new materials, such as metals, coatings, and seal materials. We also perform turbine lubricant testing for CCGT power plants, airlines, airframe manufacturers, and many more industrial customers who are concerned about turbine lubricant quality.

Turbine oil characteristics vary widely depending on the intended applications. We perform a wide range of tests for turbine oils and can perform testing on almost any type of turbine oil. Our testing services range from full specification certification to in-service monitoring to single parameter testing.

The following is a list of the common turbine lubricant specifications we run. If you don’t see a test that you’re interested in, please  Contact us. We are always adding capabilities, willing to set up new methods, and have a large network of labs to collaborate with.