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Military Lubricants & Fluids Testing

SPL Arlington regularly performs a wide range of tests related to military specifications. This includes testing lubricants, hydraulic oils, corrosion inhibitors, grease, aviation jet fuel, and other fluids.  We are one of the best equipped labs for testing to military specification for lubricants and other hydrocarbon matrices in the world due to our wide range of capabilities. Most military specifications include common ASTM and FTM test methods, while others include methods that are specific to a single product military specification. In cases where a test is obscure and we are not currently set up to perform the analysis, we are willing, experienced, and capable of setting up new custom testing.  

We specialize in supporting R&D programs and manufacturing quality control for base oil producers, additive manufacturers, and lubricant producers.  We also work with engine and component manufacturers to understand the interaction between fluids and new materials. Some testing programs may require coordination or witnessing by entities such as the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) or other bodies. We regularly participate in these types of events and have open dialogue and a positive reputation with many of these agencies.

If you don’t see a specification that matches your needs, please  Contact us. We are always adding capabilities, willing to set up new methods, and have a large network of labs to collaborate with.


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