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VV-L-825 -  Federal Specification for Uninhibited Refrigerant Compressor Lubricating Oil

We perform quality and conformance testing by Military Specification VV-L-825, which covers lubricating oils used in refrigerant compressors. These lubricating oils are identified by the following Military and NATO symbols: Type II (RCO-2, NATO Code O-282), Type III (RCO-3), and Type IV (RCO-4, NATO Code O-290).

To read or download this specification, click HERE.

The following is a list of tests required by Specification VV-L-825. Some of these tests are customized for this exact specification. Alcor Petrolab and Phoenix Chemical Laboratory specialize in unusual and custom testing, and our testing capabilities are continuing to expand; to discuss the exact testing you need, contact us today. To see more information about one of these tests, click on the test method name below.