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Rubber & Elastomer Testing

We perform quality and performance testing on rubbers and elastomers to measure their compatibility with fuels, lubricants and other fluids. We perform a wide range of tests on rubber and elastomer materials using ASTM, MIL, SAE, ISO and DefStan test methods.  We can also develop custom testing protocols to simulate your real-world operating conditions.

Many oils, fuels and other liquids can attack natural rubber, causing damage to rubber parts such as seals, gaskets, and hoses. Damage can include swelling, cracking, and increased hardness in rubber parts. This type of damage can cause leaks and seal deterioration leading to catastrophic equipment failure. Understanding the impact of liquid contact with elastomers and rubber materials helps modify liquid formulations and select more appropriate seal materials.

We perform rubber and elastomer testing for lubricant manufacturers, elastomer and seal manufacturers, industrial users, the US military, and research and development groups. We tailor our testing to the specific needs of each customer, and are always ready to address a new elastomer compatibility challenge.

This is a list of some of the rubber and elastomer testing that we perform. For more information about the test, click on the test method number. Our testing capabilities are always expanding, so contact us to learn more about testing a specific fuel or oil on elastomers. We can also help you obtain specific materials for compatibility testing through our network of elastomer and fluid suppliers.

We also perform testing according to the following specifications.